In 2000, Dr. Becker was searching for a healthy treat to use in her exam rooms at her practice and couldn’t find a treat that met her nutrition and quality standards. Most of her patients were dealing with significant health issues, had been to multiple vets, and no longer would take treats at the doctor’s office or were feeling poorly enough to have lost their appetite entirely.

Trying to find a 100% organic, non-GMO, all US-sourced human grade meat treat, without any preservatives, that was tasty enough to tempt even the finickiest of patients, proved to be an impossible task. So Dr. Becker asked her mom Jeannine, a fabulous cook, to start experimenting in her kitchen.

Nine months later, mom sent a box of test treats. The ingredient list was exactly what Dr. Becker had asked for: human grade beef liver. Her patients loved them, her dogs at home loved them, and she quickly asked mom for more “Bites!” It was only a very short time before her hospital clients who owned pet boutiques were asking for Bites to sell in their stores. So Dr. Becker’s Bites was born.

Mom enlisted the help of dad. Then brother John was recruited to run the business and take over production. Mom Jeannine’s hobby ultimately turned into a three generation family business. They moved operations from the kitchen to the basement and finally to a commercial bakery in Illinois.

Since the inception of the original Dr. Becker Bites treat, 28 more homemade, species appropriate products have been added to the list, all hand made with 100% love and human grade ingredients. These award winning treats have received rave reviews from treat connoisseurs nationwide.

The Solutions line of treats is a very exciting addition for animals with health concerns, including Joint/Tendon, Heart, Geriatric, Stress, Immune, and Gut/G.I issues. A Detox Bite, a therapeutic CBD bite, Training Bite and the super antioxidant-loaded PetsVeratrol treat means there’s literally a treat for every dog, at every age, with every condition.

Since creating the very first biologically appropriate, all meat treat to hit the market many moons ago, Dr. Becker’s brother, John, and his daughter Blair, run the family owned bakery and continue to make every batch of treats by hand. The Dr. Becker’s Bites mission of over twenty years, “rewarding pets with health”, remains unchanged for a reason — Dr. Becker believes her Bites are the healthiest pet treats on the market.

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